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Icelandic authorities have introduced measures to minimize the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on film production in Iceland. These range from available exemptions from temporary travel restrictions to modified quarantine procedures ensuring that film crews from abroad can start work from day one in Iceland. 

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Icelandic scenery and expert production service crews have played an important role in major films and TV programs in recent years. With a varied landscape that can inspire both mythical worlds and strange planets, Iceland can assume many roles. 

The Himalayas, a Pacific Island, Siberia, Minnesota, Greenland, postapocalyptic earth and Scandinavia are only a few examples of the places Iceland has stood in for. See examples of the films shots in Iceland.


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The Icelandic Film Commission will answer all your questions regarding film production in Iceland




Advanced infrastructure and experienced Icelandic production companies make sure foreign producers can reap maximum benefit from shooting films, television programs, music videos or commercials in Iceland. The full range of professional services available includes assistance with locations, crew, equipment, casting, studios, permits if needed, etc.