Instructions for applicants

Instructions to applicants for reimbursement in respect of film making and television programming pursuant to Act No. 43/1999, as amended, and Regulation No. 131/2001, as amended.

Applications for reimbursement must be sent to the Minister for Industries and Innovation before the start of production of a motion picture or television programme in Iceland. The application for reimbursement shall contain the following:

  1. Name of applicant
  2. Legal domicile
  3. Postal number and city
  4. Telephone number
  5. E-mail address

The application should be accompanied by the following documents:

  1. A declaration explaining how the motion picture or television programme conforms to the aims of Act No. 43/1999, see Article 4 of the Act and Article 2 of Regulation No. 131/2001.
  2. A certificate from the Register of Firms confirming the registration of the applicant, together with the articles of association or minutes of the initial shareholders' meeting which include a memorandum of association and articles of association of the applicant.
  3. A production plan and itemised budget for production costs and financing, in addition to confirmations from financers and information on proposed distribution.
  4. Information on the substance of the motion picture or television programme, including a brief excerpt, manuscript and information on shooting locations.
  5. Information on the principal parties involved and the share of domestic parties in the production.

Applications should be sent to the following address:

Ministry of Industries and Innovation
Skulagotu 4- 150 Reykjavik - Iceland
Tel.: (+354) 545 9700 - E-Mail:

Applications can be submitted in Icelandic or English.
Applications cannot be processed until the required documents have been submitted.
Applicants may enclose with their application any other documents which in their opinion will facilitate the processing of the application.
The committee appointed pursuant to Article 3 of Act No. 43/1999 to process applications may request further documents if necessary.


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